We design and create applications for mobile devices.
We develop any idea into effect. From playground, through adaptations of books and educational apps.
Our team is multidisciplinary, is composed of engineers, analysts, graphic designers, visual journalists and editors. The high expertise of those involved in the development of our applications to create products to succeed.
With our extensive experience we offer consultancy based on that experience, which is also proven by the recommendations of our apps Apple does.
Currently our field work focuses on applications for Apple devices: iPhone, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, we are working to adapt our systems apps to Android and Windows Phone.


Our main customers are:

  • University of Granada
  • University of Málaga
  • Diputación de Granada
  • Red Cross Andalucia
  • Asociación de Libreros de Granada
  • Asociación de Motivación y Emoción
  • Ayuntamiento de Granada